Is your pontoon carpet falling apart?  Does your pontoon need a face lift?   A1 Pontoon and Pier can remove and replace your pontoon and walkway carpet with identical carpet or a different carpet to give your pontoon a new look.

Many pontoon owners have their boat moored along side. Due to wind, tide or pontoon location, parking your vessel can sometimes be quite difficult. Using one of our fendering solutions along the front and sides of your pontoon will allow you to park your vessel without risk of damaging the boat when docking. A1 Pontoon and Pier have different designs and colours available so please call us for samples.

pontoon carpet, fendering and mooring solutions

When your boat is moored along side your pontoon, A1 Pontoon and Pier recommend the use of mooring whips. Whether you have fendering on your pontoon or hanging from the boat, damage and marking to the gelcoat can still occur due to constant rubbing against the pontoon. The fitting of mooring whips to the pontoon will hold your vessel out from the pontoon. This will be where the boat will rest 99% of the time. When boats pass by in the canals, the mooring whips will take most of the wear and tear before the boat starts to use the fendering system in place. After the boat has past, your vessel will once again rest well clear of your pontoon.


Please contact A1 Pontoon and Pier for all your pontoon carpet, fendering and mooring needs on mobile: 0400 521526 or go to our Contact Us page to email us.


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