Over the years we have tried most of the products on the market and are convinced that we use the best products available to achieve the best results possible on every boat. These products vary from brand to brand depending on the job required and the condition of the boat.

If your vessel’s gelcoat has become oxidised, waxing will not give you the results and protection that you want for your boat.  It may look good for a week or two but it won’t last.  If oxidization has occurred then we strongly recommend a cut / polish and then a wax.

boat polishing and waxing gold coast

Once your vessel have been cut/polished and waxed, the best way to sustain the high gloss shine and protection is through regular waxing. Without regular waxing the gel cote will oxidize again requiring further cutting and polishing. A1 Marine Matters recommend regular waxing every 2 – 3 months.  For new vessels we also recommend regular waxing to keep the protection and shine. If new vessels maintain regular waxing they should never need to be cut back or polished!! Again every 2 – 3 months is optimal to keep your vessel looking its best and protected from the harsh UV sunlight.



Please contact A1 Marine Matters regarding boat polishing and waxing on mobile: 0400 521526 or go to our Contact Us page to email us.


boat cut and polish

boat waxing

cut/polish//waxing of the blue fiberglass

regular waxing for all vessels

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