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A1 Pontoon and Pier offers one of the best drive-on docking boatlift systems on the market. All of the floating boat docks are designed to work safely and protect your watercraft.  Our modular docking systems offer a smooth drive-on experience with adjustable bow angle approach.

When reversing, the patented V-Float channel fills with water and creates a "hydroplane" effect to allow the boat to safely back off the boatlift.

The gaps between the dock floats allow the water to drain and air out. We build floating docks for boats up to 26 feet without the need for extra floats below the dry dock.


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Constructed from industrial strength dock floats, there is no damage to your watercraft and the system allows for easy loading and unloading.

The V-Berth floating boatlift eliminates the common drive-on storage problems with new patented V-Float technology which cradles and cushions the hull over the entire length of the craft. With added buoyancy in the centre of the dock, the V-Berth reduces the bowing and binding that can damage your gelcoat and paint job. Now available to the market are our larger 1 meter wide v-floats with centre rollers perfect for smaller watercraft, jet skis and pontoon boats.

With a solid bed of dock floats, your boat or PWC is safe from the salt-water splashing up into the drive-train from the open wells that exist with other drive-on docks. However the modular design allows the water to drain keeping the dock clean and dry.

Our modular docking system is the safest and most affordable modular floatation drive-on system on the market with no holes in the dock to trip and fall through.

All of our docking systems are customised to your requirements. Why not have one docking system to accommodate all of your toys? We can incorporate boats, jet skis, etc. all on one dock. If you decide to buy more toys, we can simply make the dock larger to fit the extras...

Please contact A1 Pontoon and Pier for more information about docking systems, on mobile: 0400 521526 or go to our Contact Us page to email us.


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