A teak deck looks impressive when cared for the right way. A neglected teak deck looks old, grey, worn and dirty.  Look after your teak deck the right way with regular cleaning and UV protection and it will look great every time you use your boat.

There are multiple steps involved in bringing back a neglected teak deck to make it look like new again:

  • If the teak has been channeled out by high pressure cleaners and stiff brushes then the teak needs to be sanded back flat;

  • With older teak decks the caulking may also need to be replaced;

  • After sanding and re-caulking as required, the teak can be left to look natural or treated with a protective coating to achieve a “wet” look.

  • The “natural” look requires regular cleaning and brightening to stop the teak turning grey again.

  • The “wet” look protective coating needs to be re-applied every 3 – 6 months for external teak and 6 – 12 months for teak in covered and protected cockpits and saloons.

teak deck rejuvenation gold coast

Please contact A1 Marine Matters for teak deck rejuvenation on mobile: 0400 521526 or go to our Contact Us page to email us.


teak deck sanding

re-caulking teak boat deck

sanding teak deck

re-caulking teak deck

teak deck rejuvenation

treated teak deck

natural untreated teak deck

teak deck with protective coating

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